The AntiSelfie is Pro-Kindness. It’s about thinking of others instead of (incessantly) about one’s self. It’s all about weaning ourselves from the culture of self-centeredness and narcissism that’s being encouraged, especially in social media, and redirecting all that energy of posting a Selfie to posting something that’s hopefully helpful and kind–my definition of an AntiSelfie.

I really could just call this site “The Kindness Project.” But ¬†1) that name’s taken and 2) I wanted a little more attitude and rebelliousness hence this name, “The AntiSelfie.”

If we could all just start trading one Selfie for an AntiSelfie, the world could be a better place. Seriously. ¬†From me-ness, to kindness, let’s change the world, one AntiSelfie at a time.

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