AntiSelfie Celebrities: J-Law and Other Famous Kind People


Enough of those paparazzi-punching celebs. and ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live comes out with a list of eleven of the nicest celebrities in Hollywood. Their kind acts truly make them A-listers! A stands for AntiSelfie Ambassador of Kindness :)

1. Jennifer Lawrence –  J-Law lived up to her down-to-earth reputation when she watched after a woman who fell unconscious in Santa Monica until paramedics arrived

2. Keanu Reeves – His kindness is apparently well-known. A video shows him giving his seat on the subway to an elderly lady.

3. Mila Kunis – She agreed to accompany non-celebrity Sgt. Scott Moore, a veteran from the war in Afghanistan, to the Marine Corps Ball in Greeneville, N.C., 2011.

4. Ryan Gosling – America’s sexiest man (by popular vote) actually bothered to break up a fight in New York City before it got too out of hand–instead of just walking past it.

5. Tom Hanks – Well-known for being an antiselfie kind of guy to fans. Recently, Hanks posed for really funny pics with a fan in a pizza place.

6. Ellen DeGeneres – DeGeneres teamed up with to provide a down on their luck couple expecting a child and facing a sudden rent increase, new decor for the baby and $25,000 in aid!

7. Steve Buscemi – Buscemi, a former firefighter before committing to his acting career, he returned to his old company after 9/11 just to volunteer and help out at Ground Zero.

8. Lady Gaga – Gaga’s tour pre-show will feature the “Born Brave Bus” that will provide free “…access to professional private or group chats about mental health, depression, bullying, school & friends.”
9. Dave Chapelle –  Dave invited members of his studio audience to play basketball and bought everyone fruit smoothies plus free tickets to his show the following night.
10. George Takei – The original Sulu arrived two hours early for a scheduled press conference just to sign the doll of a young fan who was too sick to stick around.
11. Allison Brie – Brie, also known for being kind and down-to-earth, obliged a fan who asked for a kiss because it was his birthday.
theantiselfie says Jimmy Kimmel should be on the list.
We’ve noted Kimmel’s attempts on his show to wake up fans who tweet insanely cruel and mean messages to celebrities, forgetting that the famous have feelings too!
For this, Kimmel is definitely an A-lister! A stands for AntiSelfie Ambassador of Kindness!
Do you know of other celebrities who are antiselfies? Do these celebrities inspire you to be kinder in everyday life? Tell us your thoughts, leave a comment!

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